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Legal and Financial Support Providers in New Zealand

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Miako Legal and Associates provide all sorts of legal services and support. Our lawyers represent you in national courts and help you resolve legal disputes.

Perform your job legally

Whether you give financial advice or sell financial products, financial services licensing enables you to perform your job legally. Once you get your bank license, authorities will not meddle in your work. This will ensure that you perform your co-branded credit cards job without any stress or hindrances.

Increase customer trust

Generally, companies and individuals with FSC licensing have a good reputation. Due to their good reputation, customers trust them more. Therefore, a good way to increase customer trust would be getting financial services licensing.

Stay clear of trouble

You can stay clear of trouble if you employee our criminal lawyers. If you’re about to start your business or are indulging in activities with potential legal consequences, hiring our lawyers will help you to avoid legal trouble.

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Financial Services

Whether you want to enter new markets segments, increase reliability and brand recognition or access an efficient global payments system, we can assist you

Prepaid Cards

Visa co-branded prepaid cards are a great way to manage transactions: this is one of the main reasons they’re issued.


Over time, technology has advanced a lot. An example of this is a new mode of payment: electronic money and e-banking software.

Cross border

Miako Legal and Associates can help make cross border transfers that involve the use of multiple currencies with prepaid card programs easy for you.

Credit Card

Ensure the future success of your business whether you own a big retail chain or a small coffee shop.

banking software

Convenience is what online banking suite adds to your life: this is the primary benefit of online banking.

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